Pooja Shah

The founder and head of the School

She comes from a corporate background. After 8 years of experience in the travel industry, she took a sabbatical break from her well flourishing career to pursue her passion of understanding a human child. After being certified by AMI as a qualified Montessorian, she took up the job of a directress in one of the reputed Montessori school. Post which she felt the need to spread this methodology to more parts of Mumbai and make this curriculum available and accessible to people of the suburbs. This led to the incorporation of Trillium Montessori.

Why the name Trillium

Trillium flower has 3 large bracts (sometimes called as leaves), representing the three main components required for the education and development of a very young child:-

  • Prepared environment
  • An Adult
  • Developmental Materials

Our approach /story

Trillium Montessori started its journey as an after school for several reasons like :

  • To create a proper mixed age community to show the parents the real potential of Montessori system of education and create awareness about this methodology.
  • We wanted to gather some strong experience before setting up the pre primary environment.
  • It's the most practical solution for parents in a city like Mumbai where getting into the school (high school) of one's own choice is quite tough and could be tedious too

Having done our groundwork we now stand as very strong and experienced team dealing with the very critical and fragile creations of mankind (the child). All these years of operating as an after school we have remained extremely focussed and committed to the Montessori philosophy; which has actually appealed to the parents who initially had a dilemma about deriving the said results following the Montessori approach.

So with this passionate love for children, strong belief in the Montessori system of education, knowledge and experience of a few years, overwhelming support and faith of our existing parents, we take pride in launching our Pre primary environment for 2 to 6 years old, effective June 2016